Do you remember classic space arcades? Emenies shot in you and you shot in enemies. But what happen if you and your foe don’t have a gun? You will have to use environment and crashing!

This is the game about spaceship which must survive large count of triangle enemies, that want to crash you and stop by this way. You will be attaching with enemies if they crash with you. Use fixed blocks in level to destroy them and don’t crash with this blocks for yourself. As more enemies you attach yourself to, the harder it gets to handle the ship. The more you have, the worse it is :)

Destroing enemy attaching to you by the static block you would earn few scores and up your kill statistic. So, collect and destroy this sticking fellows. But be careful if you crash with this block it will be game over. Also don’t leave up and down boundies of camera.

In this game you will find interesting gameplay and nice music. So enjoy it! :)

I create this game for Ludum Date #40, so you can vote me on this link


Game.rar 18 MB

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